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So let’s talk Isagenix for a second. I cannot even tell you the emotions and thought SNOWBALLS I have had that lead up to this post, if I am being really honest – and it all stems from caring too much about what people think – or maybe just what the wrong people would think.

If you’re reading this, you already probably already know I am a multi passionate entrepreneur. I finally found my roots in business with one of  my best friends, and together Dalea and I created The Moon Sisters, and The Sacred Circle – an INCREDIBLE membership program for all things woo, mindset, self care and more. With that, I am able to utilize all my experience and education in EFT, NLP, Mindfulness, and SOOO much more. I even am SO excited to incorporate my yoga teacher training, and soon I’ll be adding in some video flows to our membership and I decided to start offering private, corporate and PT yoga sessions.

What does this have to do with Isagenix? Well, another one of my besties, Madison, had been using isagenix since before she even had her sweet little baby but she decided to run with the business side when she started to see INSANE results with sustainable nutrition and working out that you cannot get ANYWHERE else. I was excited for her and rooted her on!

When it came to my own health, I knew I wanted a change. I have always been very small. But appearing small and “skinny” does NOT equate to being healthy or in shape by any means. I was tired of being tired all the time. I fought with fatigue, mood swings, crazy sugar cravings and I wanted to be able to gain a few healthy pounds of lean muscle. So, I thought I would give Isagenix products a shot and support one of my boss babe friends in the process. (I’m a sucker for supporting my girls – plus they had a 30 day money back guarantee, so I could always get my money back in full if it didn’t pay off.)

I was nervous to make the investment, but I was more tired of feeling the way I had been than anything, so I ordered one of the big “pak’s” that came with four boxes of dairy free protein (yay for allergies to whey and casein), a cleanse kit, protein bars (also df), ionix supreme (yay adaptogens) and the welcome kit.

What happened next lead me to where I am now.

I fell in LOVE with the protein. I fell in LOVE with the cleanse system. I fell in LOVE with all the research I did and found out how Isagenix is BACKED BY SCIENCE and is proven to be sustainable nutrition. Not to mention, they are adamant about NOT promoting diets, but healthier lifestyles and being customized to anyone’s way of life (not to mention convenient).

Right away, I started sharing about it all over Facebook and Instagram, tagging Madison. Keep in mind, I was not signed up as anything but a customer with NO plan to promote it. Madison and McKenzie, another amazing friend, boss babe and trainer – encouraged me to choose to promote it because well – I already WAS. It just made SENSE.

Not to be super cliche and “that girl”, but I was already sharing it everyday because I was so excited to be feeling better than I had already been. So if I was already blasting it out everywhere, and people were already asking me about it – why would I not want to be able to get paid for it?

Isagenix has fit so perfectly into my lifestyle even my husband Shawn drink my shakes (I just ordered him his own so he can back off my DF ones) , has given me and so many of friends amazing results from energy to weight loss or even weight gain – and I am grateful that I am able to help share it with other people…


Will I start cold messaging you trying to get you to buy Isagenix from me?


What I WILL be doing, is …

  • Sharing what I love and what is working for me, my family and a ton of my friends.
  • I will probably also be sharing info when there are sales or promos offered from Isagenix or myself.
  • And if you decide you want to ask questions, I will answer them without being cheesy, without pressuring you to do anything.
  • If you decide you want to try out Isagenix and message me to help find what works best for your goals, I will totally chat with you and help you out!

I have been really nervous about promoting it and posting about it. I got really scared and even talked to Madison about feeling like people were gonna be rude to me (a few already have but whatevs), assume I was going to be like the bad stereotype of people cold messaging and such, or seem like I had too much on my plate.

I thought about it. I talked about it with a few friends. But honestly, why would I NOT share it? I got to see how it’s changed Madison’s life in such a short time. I got to FEEL how it’s changed my own. So even though I still feel a bit nervous about what people will say…

I’m gonna share about it. Because yeah, I’m the co-founder of a big project and business that gets most of time, and a yoga instructor. But Isagenix is a big part of my lifestyle now, and it keeps me healthy and helps me feel the way I need to in order to do all these amazeballs things.

Until next time, Babes,

Sarah Anderegg

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