Taking My Life Back from Stress

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Ionix Supreme is hands down one of my TOP favorite Isagenix products. TO be honest, it took me by surprise because when I got my first bundle of goods, there was SO much to be excited about. Finally having a dairy free protein that DID NOT TASTE LIKE SHIT was major. Not to mention the fact that it wasn’t loaded with soy, was non-dentaured, etc. I was PUMPED for the cleanse system because it isn’t about starving yourself. I mean, you’re literally drinking cleanse juice (also amazeballs), water, or having one of the Isa snacks!

Ionix Supreme was something I totally underrated until I started to see more about it online, and realized there was a massive shift in my energy levels in more ways than one. But before I get into that, let me break down WHAT Ionix is and WHAT is in it.

So 3 major benefits are that Ionix:

  1. Contains a blend of plant-based Adaptogens specifically chosen for their benefits in modulating the consequences of chronic stress. It also contains antioxidants for combating free radicals to support healthy aging.*
  2. Potent daily energizer which primes the body and protects against stress. As a whole-body regulator, it establishes a foundation of homeostasis and promotes healthy aging.*
  3. Can be used morning, afternoon, or evening or diluted and enjoyed throughout the day. (AKA IT’S MY MOM JUICE! That an eshots, but thats another blog post)

The biggest results I have seen from Ionix, and as emotional as it is to share this, is my patience and understanding with my boys. To give you a little background, I had pretty intense postpartum depression after giving birth to David, and hadn’t fully dealt with it before becoming pregnant with Jacob, so it kinda compounded. Throw moving to the island of Oahu in the middle of the Pacific ocean in the mix as our first duty station and all the emotions that go into that and it was a pretty emotional storm.

Through yoga, mindfulness, mediation and more, I got a pretty good general handle on things, but I truthfully would be very short tempered, and have way less patience with my kids and husband than what they deserved.

I was anxious, easily irritated, super fatigued all the time and my patience was so thin…

Because Ionix Supreme is a nutrient rich botanical concentrate that contains a multitude of different adaptogens and antioxidants (ashwaganda, bacopa, Schizandra to name a few), it helps balance your bodys systems and combat stress and sharpen mental focus.

I have shifted from everything I listed above to going back to my old self. I am much more patient and understanding, I’m way more pleasant to be around, I am SO MUCH happier, and my anxiety is cooling down. It makes me so emotional to share this because I think we all want to be seen as the perfect mom who has it all together, with the perfectly clean home, with no laundry sitting in baskets, and never lose our minds. But we ALL know, it’s just not true. We ALL lose our patience. We all let stress run our lives now and then.

But I wanted to share this with you because ONE, you’re not alone, you’re not a bad mom or a bad wife. You’re human. Stress is real. Avoiding it doesn’t make it go away. But there are so many ways to help ease it and cope with it. And this one along side keeping my body ACTIVE, starting my day with some gentle yoga to break up fascia, and clear my mind and get my blood flowing, going for a walk, drinking water, fueling my body with the best nutrition, meditation, journaling… LAUGHTER… that’s how you take back your life from stress. <3

Until next time, Babes,

Sarah Anderegg

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