You Are More Than Just A Title…

We live in a chaotic and fast paced world, where we get caught up in our titles. Me? I am known as “Mom” , “Wife”,  “Sister”, “Friend”, “Teacher” and so much more.

hustling, parenting, balancing

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Between taking care of two little boys at home, cleaning the house, planning dinners and lunches, making time for my friends and my husband, planning within my businesses, I often forget that before ALL of that… I am Sarah, first.


I recently got ahold of a new book called “Journey To The Heart” by Melody Beattie. It’s a daily meditations book, and while searching for something to feed my soul and lift my spirits, I came across this page that IMMEDIATELY got my attention. The bottom of the page read,


“Rest when you’re tired. Take a break when life stales. Take time to recharge your battery. Energy isn’t something you have – it’s something you are.”

This really struck a chord with me because I am one of those people that will spread myself way too thin, saying “yes” to everything and I quickly found myself exhausted, anxious and forlorn. In my yoga teacher training we covered this topic quite a lot! We called it “healthy no”. This would apply anytime your pulled into the direction of something that is not healthy to your authentic self. I get it, you want to be there for everyone, you don’t want to miss a single event. But for the sake of sanity, learn to give a “healthy no”. If you’ve been working overtime, carpooling all the neighborhood kids to school and soccer practice then going to late dinner meetings and your friends want to go out on Friday night but you’re more interested in having a night to calibrate, then STAY IN! Explain to your friends the “healthy no” and they will understand.

hustling, parenting, balancing

You see, when we give so much of ourselves away to the point that we are drained, we are preventing ourselves from fulfilling our purpose, living to our highest potential and best selves and in turn, defeating the purpose of our creation.


We are created to be extraordinary.






Put aside your titles and duties for 5 minutes to an hour and do something to refuel your soul; whether that be listening to your favorite song, getting a massage, walking in nature, reading and so on.


You’ve earned it!


Until next time, Babes…

Much Love, 

Sarah Anderegg





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