You’re Not a Being Bad Parent, It’s Just a Bad Day.

Just as how a bad day doesn’t equal a bad life, a stressful parenting day does not mean you are bad at parenting…

Please Pin Me On Pinterest!As a parent, we all have those moments where it feels as though the world is falling apart. I’m convinced it’s like The Universe’s way of HAZING you as initiation into a new stage of life. Except it happens with each new phase of life your children move into. I like to think I am a pretty damn good mother. Why is there so much shame and yucky feelings around knowing you are doing a decent job at this?! I digress, that’s a whole other topic. Despite knowing my children are alive, well fed, clothed and wildly happy, I had a total “cry in the bathroom with the last Twizzlers from the trick-or-treat bucket” moment just a few days ago.

If you know me in real life, you are probably familiar with my moderate to high level of sass, quick wit and sarcasm. It’s cute and charming as an adult. But ya know when it’s not? When your four and two year old develop the exact same sass, quick wit and sarcasm as you… but imagine it multiplied in a tiny angry minion who doesn’t want to eat corn. Or any of the food on the plate just because corn is also on said plate. Seriously, battling with a four year old who grunts, has quick witted smart responses and even more stubbornness than Donkey HIMSELF is enough to bring down anyone. Especially when you take a look at yourself and start to question whether or not you’re a good example, and start blaming yourself for the chaos and it snowballs into just yucky feelings.

Thankfully, knowing better and reminding myself when he’s 6 I can reason with him much better, I just let myself get the emotions out, because you don’t do this whole parenting thing without freaking out at least once a month. Also, it helped tremendously that my bestie Courtney Sjoberg from She Social (*queue quick hype woman moment) reminded me that just as how a bad day doesn’t equal a bad life, a stressful parenting day does not mean I am a horrible parent. She reminded me how loved my kids are by myself, my husband and each other, how healthy they are and of course how spoiled they are.

Naturally, the very next day was smooth as can be, and truthfully, I am SO incredibly blessed with such well behaved and mature children for their age. And I remember that we only have days like this once every blue moon, and that’s probably why I get as worked up as I do when it happens.

I wanted to share this with you guys, because many of my readers are also parents. And I don’t think there is enough (positive) transparency in the online space when it comes to parenting. There is so much judgement, and negativity because there are SO many ways of doing things.

That  being said, I DO in fact plan on blogging more about a multitude of topics. Not just business, self care and self love, and balance, but also writing tips and tricks, parenting topics (like dealing with picky eaters, tantrums, schooling, etc) and even minimalism.

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You can expect to hear a lot more from me, and a lot more regularly!


Until next time, Babes,


Sarah Anderegg




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